Imago Bromoil Paper

I was not going to include this paper but decided to just in case it becomes available again.  I bought all I could a while back because the shipping to the U.S. was so great.  I was told that the paper was a single run but then heard that it was available Through Firstcall.  However, that website indicates that the paper is temporarily unavailable until a month ago, so that may be it.  I decided to go ahead and review it here just in case it comes back to market.

If one were to Google conversations I have had in the past then somewhere they would come across cases where I noted that the Bromoil process does not work on RC paper and does not work on glossy paper.  With Imago Bromoil paper, the latter is no longer true.  This is a glossy paper that actually works with the process, and quite well at that.

Click for larger image
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Following the initial soak the paper takes ink as if it was meant for it … oh yeah, it was.  Actually, with my first print I accidentally applied way too much ink in the first run across the paper, but fortunately was able to recover from that mistake.

Click for larger image
Click for larger image

The ink holds in the shadow areas following the second soak and the highlights and midtones can then be filled in.  One should be careful with initially applying too much in in the shadow areas during the first inking, however.  In one print (not included in this article) I filled in those areas with too much ink and ended up with considerably too much contrast in the end.  This may just be a matter of differently exposing the paper to accommodate this possibility.

The examples show that I was able to get rather close to what I was seeking by using the standard procedure (see the About section), so this is an exceptionally easy paper to use.

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Click for larger image


Image Bromoil paper is the only glossy paper I have ever used that works with the Bromoil process.  This gives the paper a unique position when selecting the paper to use for a specific image.

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Click for larger image


The paper is available in a single grade.  Use of a digital negative may be necessary for those negatives that do not have the proper contrast.


Apparently this paper is no longer available.  If anyone knows of a source then please post it here.


3 thoughts on “Imago Bromoil Paper

  1. I have recently been using Imago Bromoil paper and found that it takes ink wonderfully well, (the best since the Kentmere Art papers disappeared). However, the ink seems to stay “wet” for a very long period of time and is easily smudged. Have you noticed this and have you found a way to dry it more quickly? With regard to it’s availability, as far as I am aware the last batch was sold to Firstcall Photography in the UK and sold out almost immediately. I’m told that no further production is planned.

    Bergger used to make a superb glossy Bromoil paper, (similar to Imago, but the ink dried much more quickly) and that was BROM-240, again sadly no longer made. It’s a paper certainly worth grabbing if anyone finds any old stock lying around.


  2. I have not really noted the time it takes to dry – when done I set the paper aside for at least a day before returning to it for touch-up.

    At the time I came across it they did have some stock and upon hearing that it was a one-time run, bought all they had in stock (perhaps more than I will ever use). I had not tried the Bergger but have tried a number of other glossy papers, none with success, so the Imago came as a surprise to me.


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